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The Pandemic Ponderer

I wonder... I wonder how many people will be pregnant I wonder how many people will be divorced I wonder how many people will be both I wonder who will be fatter, thinner, softer, fitter I wonder who will cut their kids hair or even their own I wonder who will regret that immediately I wonder who’s cooking skills will be better I wonder who’s credit will be racked from skipping dishes I wonder if estranged families will be closer with less pressure for visits I wonder if close families will become depressed without their weekly dinner visits I wonder if stalkers will save gas money and if 2 meters will be added to 500 meter restraining orders I wonder if CAS will be busier I wonder if fire emergencies will go down I wonder if wildlife will move into cities just to be shocked when everyone pops their heads out again I wonder if handwashing will be the new cool kid criteria I wonder if businesses will adopt more work from home days Then I wonder if multi-car families will drop down by at least one I wonder if anxiety disorders will be more prevalent in youth over the next 5 years I wonder who will be more rested & better for it I wonder who’s faces will age three times the rate as usual I wonder if the Easter bunny will wear a mask Or if he will dole out toilet paper instead of treats I wonder who we will be after covid-19 A shift for better or worse Probably a bit of both


Written by Emily Salt

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