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Thinking of Covid-19 Patients

Separated, alone

In my hospital bed

Struggling for breath

About to wed

My death

All alone,

Is it my sad fate to die alone?

O my loved ones,

What can I leave you

But my fainting

In a painting

The etch of a sketch

The words of a wretch

The pain of my sin

the love that may win

the confusion of earth

at the height of its mirth?

O my Creator have mercy

May the world that is breaking

At your cross find healing.

Masks peering

As I face the inevitable dusk

I contemplate and ask,

Am I steady,

Am I ready?

Will I finally nest with the dove of peace

hold that moonbeam I reject or miss

Dream of many rainbows peaking

snuggle safely in God’s sweet kiss?

This is so sudden -

Just yesterday like a glutton

I was scouring the news

Then you came without warning

Invisible enemy Infecting


We tremble with fear

Away from loved ones so dear.

You emptied our churches

Now hunger lurches

only ghosts walk the streets

we have lost all our wits

No cure for this sickness.

Ventilators abounding

Masked faces alienating

No one’s smiling

Only hungry lines increasing

The economy’s rapidly decreasing.

I feel my lungs collapse to my knees

I beg for intubation,

For a bit of a breath

For a chance here on earth.

O God Help me

Wash me

I beg you hover,

Hover over me

O Divine restorer!

Am I ready anytime

When the death bells chime

To boldly fly away

Beyond the sway of that Eagle

In relentless pursuit of its prey

On the wings of a seagull

To the vanishing mist of the sky

With the sails of my God

Who gave his life on the skull

Without even asking why?

I’m not ready.

To my right a man is gasping

To my left a woman stopped asking

I am slowly wasting

Wondering -

My loved ones, what can I leave you?

just the fainting

In my painting?

The etch of a sketch

The words of a wretch?

The pain of my sin?

The love that will win

The hope of God’s peace

the love that we’ll miss

If we’re far from his embrace.

Today I discovered

I have recovered

I cry with gratitude

And a new attitude

I clap and thank my hero

In this horrible ground zero.

Thank you Lord

For another day in this season

A new life for a reason.


Written by Jessie Fuentes

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