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Covid Schmovid

slowly you came

and felt at home

unwelcome you were

but you didnt care

your presence was finally known

and caught our undivided attention

religion, age, gender, beliefs, and race mattered not to you

over the hills, across the seas, wingless, you flew

distance, was no barrier

oh dear, we were your unwitting carrier

you overwhelmed us with ease

the human race is now down on its knees

as if telling us to slow down, and simplify

lockdown, quarantine and masks we now go by

crime rates plummet

our dreaded virus made sure of it

we’re now forced simply to adjust

and embrace things of the past ..

reading, board games, knitting

DIY, baking, exercising, gardening

skies are bluer, no traffic and the waters clearer

and making a come back, is the drive-in movie theater

we do see your deeper message

but now dear Covid, its high time we see your passage..


Written by Maria Lourdes Velez

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