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Musings from a hopeful, locked down traveler!

I miss the sun on my face,

I miss being able to travel to a far away place.

I miss the feel of sand beneath my toes,

I miss being able to walk through a garden to smell a rose.

I miss feeling the salty wind in my hair,

Aren’t we all wondering how this is all a bit unfair.

It’s a strange, weird world we are living in now,

Far away from our normal and how.

Staying at home is what we must do,

Giving us a chance to ponder about the life we all knew.

We don’t know when this is all going away,

When on a beach somewhere I will be able to lay.

As we navigate through times unknown,

Here's hoping for kindness, compassion and strength.

I hope the lessons we take away,

They would be of what was really important.

Hope and faith is what is keeping us going,

Praying for a better world with positive energies flowing.

Simple pleasures are what we miss the most,

Hugs and kisses, friends and family that we must from now on forever hold close.


Written by Priyanka Uppal

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