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the world sees through red, rose-tinted glasses

as 20/20

vision declines,

everybody becomes blindsided

by immense fear and hatred

a virus is borne

with a single droplet

gently rippling

across multiple victims

each and every

one seems to forget contagion does not


despite how far apart one may seem to be —

the human race lives on

a body of 70% water, and the choice to sink or swim

under a deep sea of red, nobody can see

a family

where a child can grow up to truly know

what the colour red means

because those who are caught red handed

in the act of violence are never handled

with care...

she learns how to wash her hands, but a part of her remains


during the cancelled lunar new year,

she saw a different shade of red than usual

as everyone bleeds the same.


Written by Lenora Huynh

Author's note : This poem was originally written for the @WeLooktheSameFilm Instagram as it was inspired by its themes of discrimination against the Asian minority. It is moreover a part of a 3-part series called "in the process of becoming well-red," which was influenced by the recent racist hate crimes, spurred from COVID-19.

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